Zyleris has developed a world-class expertise and experience in development and testing of ointment formulations. With multiple granted and pending patents, Zyleris is highly experienced in developing new ointment formulations that meet exact drug release and delivery requirements as well as rheological properties. For development of generic ointment formulations, we can quickly reverse-engineer a reference ointment product (RLD) to achieve a precise match in in vitro release test (IVRT) and other formulation properties.

We have developed and validated many very sensitive and selective IVRT methods that can differentiate ointment formulations having very similar or essentially same rheological properties.

Zyleris has acquired deep knowledge on how petrolatum, mineral oil, and processing parameters could affect properties of the ointment formulations.

In combination with our high-throughput Franz Cell platform, Zyleris is capable of developing and has developed highly sensitive and selective release testing methods for ointment formulations. Zyleris also has developed many ointment formulations with modulated release, rheological, and aesthetic properties.

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