High-Throughput Tissue Absorption and Penetration Screening Platform - The High-Throughput Franz Cell Technology

Zyleris has developed a first-in-class, high-throughput Franz Cell technology platform. This technology is developed based on the Franz Cell principle. It offers the best of both worlds - speed, cost efficiency associated with high-throughput experimentation, and data compatibility with the industry standard Franz Cell technology. The main technical feature includes a unique 96-cell screening station with ability to conduct various types of skin absorption and penetration study in each individual cell. It brings speed and cost efficiency to the formulation development process.

Our HTS technology is fully validated against the standard Franz Cell technology. We are happy to run test formulations (free of charge, of course) for you to demonstrate our technology so you can conduct your own evaluation, comparison, and validation. Please contact us for details.

Key Technical Features

  • Designed based on industry standard Franz Cell principle.
  • Flexible and modular design with easily interchangeable parts for operation under static and flow-through mode.
  • One tissue membrane for each individual cell. Two sets of HT Franz Cells with 0.50 and 0.95 cm2 diffusion area, respectively (8mm and 11mm in diameter). Suitable for any type of tissue absorption and penetration study.
  • Variable receptor volume from 0.3 ml to 12.0 ml. Suitable for tissue absorption and penetration study of compounds of any permeability.
  • Glass and Teflon construction to ensure chemical inertness.
  • Fast, easy, and uniform sample collection mechanism suitable for high-throughput operation.
  • Controlled and efficient mixing (no bubbles, stagnant layer, or vortex effect).
  • Precision temperature control.
  • Applicable to all common dosage forms (e.g., gels, lotions, creams, ointments, foams, serums/solutions, sprays, roll-ons, wound-healing dressings, and transdermal patches).
  • Animal and human tissues, skin equivalents, as well as synthetic membranes.
  • Finite and infinite dose under occluded and non-occluded condition.