Zyleris believes that innovation is a key to stay competitive and deliver values to our clients. We devote significant amount of resources to improve existing technologies and develop new technologies. Our approach to innovation can be summarized as follows:

  1. Improve an existing technology. For example, our high-throughput Franz Cell technology platform is based on industry standard Franz Cell technology, but designed in a high-throughput fashion (running 96-cell at a station). Another example, Zyleris’ high-through tape-stripping technology platform is based on standard tape-stripping technique, but designed in such a way that up to 72 skin circles can be tape-tripped to any tape-stripping cycle simultaneously. These technologies dramatically increase speed and efficiency of topical formulation evaluation and development.

  2. Develop a technology to solve a problem. For example, IVRT method development and test for ointment products generally are very challenging, even more so when the API is hydrophilic or the product is a combo drug. Zyleris developed a new patent-pending IVRT technology that makes IVRT method development for ointment products faster and easier.

  3. Develop transformative technologies. Zyleris is currently working on a number of technology areas that can potentially revolutionize topical formulations and their development. For example, Zyleris is working on development of a new topical dosage form that offers many distinctive advantages in topical delivery of an API.

High-Throughput Franz Cell Technology

Zyleris has developed a first-in-class, high-throughput Franz Cell technology platform. This technology is developed based on the Franz Cell principle. It offers the best of both worlds - speed, cost efficiency associated with high-throughput experimentation, and data compatibility with the industry standard Franz Cell technology.

API Release Enhancement

Petrolatum-based formulations have many advantages for topical delivery of APIs, such as formulation of occlusive coating and emollient properties. These are particularly desirable for products intended for treatment of bacterial and fungal infection, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and wound dressing.

Novel IVRT Technology

Development of IVRT methods for ointments or other lipophilic semisolids is very challenging. It is particularly challenging when the API is hydrophilic or the product is a combo formulation. Zyleris has developed a patent-pending technology that can be used routinely to develop IVRT methods for these “difficult” formulations.