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High-Throughput Absorption Depth Profiling in Stratum Corneum

High-Throughput Corneal/Scleral Absorption and Pentration Screening

High-Throughput In Vitro Release Testing (HT-IVRT)

High-Throughput Nail Penetration Screening

High-Throughput Screening of Compound Library for Topical and Transdermal Delivery

High-Throughput Skin Absorption and Penetration Screening

In Vitro Skin Barrier Integrity and Skin Irritation/Corrosion Test

Ophthalmic Formulation Development and Optimization

Preformulation, design, Development, and Screening

Skin Absorption and Penetration Enhancement and Retardation Development

Topical Formulation Development And Optimization

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Ophthalmic Formulation Development and Optimization

Ophthalmic Formulation Development Service - Molecular Dispersion Technology

- Solubilize an insoluble API in water using only a surfactant approved for ophthalmic use in FDA inactive ingredient database.

- Can be formulated into an eye drop or clear gel having a solubilized API.

- Generally have enhanced corneal/scleral absorption and penetration property because of the solubilized API

- Cosmetically elegant.

Formulation Evaluation and Optimization

Use our high-throughput Franz Cell technology platform - high-throughput ocular absorption and penetration screening for formulation evaluation and optimization.