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In Vitro Skin Barrier Integrity and Skin Irritation/Corrosion Test

Transdermal Electrical Resistance (TER) Test

TER test has been validated (by ECVAM) and endorsed (by ESAC) as scientifically validated as a replacement for the animal test.  This test evaluates skin barrier function and predicts whether a chemical product is potentially corrosive/irritant to skin by measuring electrical resistance before and after application.  If a chemical product is corrosive/irritant to skin, it causes damage to skin layers, resulting in a decrease in electrical resistance of the skin.

Zyleris has developed a high-throughput (HT) testing platform for TER test.  The HT TER testing platform is based on our HT Franz Cell technology.  In addition, we have developed a proprietary testing medium, which is much more sensitive in detection of skin integrity.  In other words, a small change (simulated by tape stripping technique) in skin integrity translates into a big change in TER measurement in comparison to standard testing media (NaCl or MgSO4 solution).

Our testing service follows the following guideline and protocol:

- OECD/OCDE 430.

- EURL ECVAM DB-ALM Protocol No. 115.