Development of ophthalmic formulations: drops, suspensions, and ointments

Zyleris is highly specialized in development of complex ophthalmic formulations (suspensions and ointments).  We have a number of proprietary and patent-pending technologies in the area of ophthalmic formulation development and testing nethods.  Formulation development technologies include enhanced and modulated/controlled release of APIs from ointments, and enhancement of ointment skin-feel.  Testing technologies include development of in vitro release testing method for ointments and suspensions, which are generally very challenging to develop.

Zyleris is also very experienced in formulation reverse-engineering.  Zyleris can quickly formulate an equivalent copy of referenced listed drug (RLD), particularly for hard-to-develop ophthalmic ointments.

The corneal/scleral tissue (human, bovine, rabbit) fits nicely into our high-throughput Franz Cell. It allows us to screen ophthalmic formulations for not only transcorneal and transscleral delivery of API but also its release and distribution inside corneal and scleral tissue.