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High-Throughput Screening of Compound Library for Topical and Transdermal Delivery 04-27-2011
Zyleris PharmaTech ( has announced the launch of a new drug development service: high-throughput screening of compound library to identify drug candidates for topical and transdermal delivery.

The screening service utilizes Zyleris’ Franz Cell-based high-throughput technology.  Each screening system consists of a compact 108-cell screening station with flexibility for both absorption and penetration studies.  The system is fully validated against industry-standard Franz Cell technology.  It can be used with any human or animal tissue including skin, buccal, lung, ocular, nail (with adapter) or synthetic membrane. 

For many local and system indications, topical and transdermal delivery is a valuable and often preferred option in the drug development process.  However, current Franz Cell technology is ill-equipped for screening of compound library.  The market is ripe for a high speed and yet cost efficient solution.  Our system fills this gap.  It will allow researchers to rapidly screen compound library and make informed, go/no-go decision with respect to the delivery route.

Zyleris’ objective is to continue developing innovative solutions, technologies, and services for topical and transdermal drug research and development.

About Zyleris PharmaTech

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, U.S.A, Zyleris PharmaTech is a contract research service company delivering best-in-class high-throughput experimentation technologies and services for accelerating topical and transdermal drug R&D process.  For more information about the company, please visit us at